Jalapeno dressing
Washed watercress
Mizuna leaves
Diakon sheets
Cucumber batons
Mouli strings
Sesame seeds


480g whole jalapenos
370g deseeded jalapenos
600ml Japanese vinegar
40g garlic
720ml grapeseed oil
7.5 teaspoons sea salt

Blend the jalapenos with the vinegar, when the jalapeno is very finely chopped add the remaining ingredients, and process until they are well blended.

Wash the watercress and discard most of the hard stem, wash the mizuna leaves, mix the leaves together using half the amount of mizuna to watercress. Lay the diakon sheets out on a board, place some chives across the middle and a couple of cucumber batons, lay the leaves on top making sure you have the nice leaves sticking out of both sides, roll into a cylinder, make three of these per portion then cut in half so you have six pieces per portion. Arrange on a plate and serve with the dressing alongside, garnish with the diakon strings and sesame seeds as shown.