Chicken crowns
Chicken stock
Coconut cream (not the milk)
Palm sugar
Fish sauce
Pounding mix
Banana leaf square
Lime juice
Thai basil
Sliced thai shallot
Chilli julienne
Grated coconut
Fried shallot
Lime leaf julienne

Bring the chicken stock to a boil seasoned with salt a few sticks of lemongrass and 2 pieces of galangal. Place the crowns breast side down and poach for 15-20 minutes, remove and place on a tray breast side down so the chicken stays moist. Allow to cool then shred into bite size pieces. Reserve for later.

Boil the coconut cream and season with palm sugar and fish sauce it should be rich salty and sweet. Cool and reserve for later.


50g garlic
100g green birds eye
30g white peppercorns

Pound everything together in a pestle and mortar.

To finish the dish mix the chilli julienne, mint, coriander, thai basil, sliced thai shallot and the grated coconut in a bowl. Heat some of the coconut cream and add 2 teaspoons of the pounding mix add the shredded chicken and gently warm through. Remove from the heat and add a squeeze of lime juice. Spoon the chicken mixture onto the salad and mix through, pile onto the banana leaf making sure there is not too much liquid. Garnish with grated coconut, fried shallot and lime leaf julienne