700g pumpkin
700g fine beans
700g celery
600g sweetcorn (on the cob)
600g water chestnuts
600g shitake
1 tsp garlic puree
10-12 strands ginger julienne
½ tsp chopped birdseye chilli
Yellow bean sauce
Lime wedge
Coriander sprig
Chilli julienne
Iceberg cups
Thai basil
Plum sauce

Brunoise all of the vegetables and mix together, keep en place in the fridge. Cut the base of the iceberg lettuce; pull the layers away gently so that you have perfect cup shapes, trim if necessary.  Wash in cold water, drain and set aside in the refrigerator. Heat a wok with a little oil and add the garlic, ginger and birdseye chilli, stir fry briefly. Next add 3/4’s of a rice bowl of the vegetables, season with the yellow bean sauce and a little sugar, stir fry until the veg is just cooked, (It should be dry not to wet). Spoon the mix into a bowl and garnish with deep fried shallot, lime wedge, coriander sprig and chilli julienne. To finish the dish place the bowl on a square plate and arrange 4 or 5 lettuce cups along side and lay 4 or 5 thai basil leaves in the iceberg. Serve with plum sauce in a ramekin.