Aubergine cut into 1inch rounds.

Sliced large red chilli
Julienne ginger
Garlic puree
Kikkoman dark soy sauce
Shoaxing wine
Castor sugar
Sliced spring onion
Picked coriander leaf
Salt the aubergine with rock salt for two hours, then wash off and dry. Next deep fry until the aubergine is half cooked then drain well on paper. Heat a wok with a little vegetable oil and fry off some sliced large red chilli, julienne ginger and in proportion a large amount of garlic puree. Next add dark soy sauce and the shoaxing wine, cook until the alcohol has been burnt off and then season with sugar. This is the sauce base.
To finish the dish put some of the sauce into a wok, add some sliced spring onion and a few more sliced red chillis. Heat this to boiling point and add 5-6 slices of aubergine, cook the aubergine in the sauce until tender, add some picked coriander leaf and spring onion julienne and stack up in a bowl as shown. Ladle some of the sauce over the top and add a few more coriander leaves.