Beef fillet diced
Black pepper sauce
Chopped shitake mushroom
Chopped water chestnuts
Fish sauce
Iceberg lettuce
Thai basil leaves
Chopped peanuts
Coriander sprigs
Chilli julienne
Lime wedge
1 bowl coarse black pepper
250g butter
1 bowl garlic puree
1 bowl shallot puree
2 bowls ketchup
½ bowl oyster sauce
1 bowl Kikkoman soy sauce
¾ bowl lea & Perrin’s sauce
2 bowls water
2 bowls sugar
4 tbsp chicken powder
6 tbsp dark soy
Cut the iceberg lettuce in half and remove the core, pull the layers away gently so that you have perfect cup shapes, wash in cold water, drain and set aside in the refrigerator. Heat a wok with a little oil and add 1 tablespoon of shitake, 1 tablespoon of water chestnuts and 80g of beef stir fry briefly, add ½ wok spoon of black pepper sauce and continue to stir fry until just cooked next add 1 tablespoon of chopped spring onions. Check the seasoning and add a little fish sauce if necessary. Place a few beansprouts in a bowl and spoon the beef over the top, garnish with a lime wedge, coriander sprig and chilli julienne. To finish the dish place the bowl on a square plate and arrange 4 or 5 lettuce cups along side and lay 4 or 5 thai basil leaves in the iceberg. Serve with the chopped peanuts in a ramekin.