5lt x chicken stock

Chilli oil                                        Method:
4 x banana shallots                        pound shallots, lemongrass,
3 x dried chilli                               coriander roots, galangal, dried 
5 sticks lemongrass                       chilli, garlic, & lime leaf. Roast        
handful of coriander roots             prawn shells until golden. In a lge       
150gm x galangal                         pot add chilli oil and sweat off pounded 
prawn shells                                  ingredients & prawn shells until soft. Add stock  
1 x whole garic                            & simmer for 15-20 mins .to taste add
8 x lime leaves                             fish sauce, palm sugar& lime juice to 
lime juice                                     balance sweet-sour & salty soup.
fish sauce
palm sugar
Garnish soup with squid, prawns etc and add a little of the paste (described below) just before serving.
20ml-35mls oil                     
20 x banana shallots, finely sliced
300gm x garlic, grated fine
100gms x dried chilli, crushed rough
100gms x lemongrass, rough cut
100gms x galangal, rough cut
40gms x shrimp paste 
50gms x dried shrimp 
100mlsx fish sauce      
200gms x palm sugar  
 ½ pack of tamarind puree
 Roast lemongrass & galangal in oven. Roast off shrimp paste in foil. Fry of shallots  & grated garlic separately & then add together, leave to cool. In spice blender grind dried shrimps, lemongrass & galangal. In a small pot put the fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind puree & heat until melted, pass though a sieve & allow to cool. Infuse chilli with oil by heating gently and let the flavour develop. Then cool. Once cold add all the ingredients together and check the seasoning.