Mizzuna leaf

Nori Strips & Julienne

Tempura Batter

Ponzu Dipping Sauce

Tempura Seasoning

Shuck the oysters and wash well in a bowl of cold water. Reserve and strain the natural juice and store the oysters in this juice until ready to use.

Lay 2-3 mizzuna leaves on a chopping board and place an oyster on top. Put 2-3 more mizzuna leaves on top of the oyster and wrap a strip of nori around the middle to secure tightly. Trim any long leaves to achieve a neat shape. Roll the oyster in flour, then in tempura batter and finally the julienne of nori and fry immediately until crispy. Drain well and season. Place into an oyster shell and serve with ponzu dipping sauce.


50% tempura flour

50% corn flour

Add chilled sparkling water to achieve correct consistency

4-5 ice cubes

Must be kept on an ice bath to maintain correct temperature


10 sheets of nori

10 tbsp bonito flakes

5 tdsp ground dashi

5 tbsp castor sugar

5 tbsp schimi pepper

5 tbsp Maldon sea salt

Grind the nori paper to a fine powder with the bonito flakes and then mix with the rest of the ingredients.


1.5l Kikkoman dark soy sauce

450ml mirin

150ml sake

600ml seasoned sushi vinegar

300ml yu zu juice

570g castor sugar

2 oranges roughly chopped

1, 2 foot piece of kombu

2 cinamon sticks

Combine all ingredients together in a pan; bring to the boil and leave to infuse for at least 24 hours. Only pass as required as the sauce will get better with age.