• About ME

    Several times award winning “Best Restaurant of London”I am Chef King offering extensive experience, creativity, man management, sensible profit and great success to any business. As

    a motivated, ambitious and self-directed individual, I am ready to leverage my experience and skill for a new challenge by running my own restaurant. 


    After graduating form “Le Cordon Bleu, Pairs” and "IIHM, Kolkata", spending 23 years

    in Fine Dining Restaurants, 5* hotels, High- volume Catering and Smart Casual Dining in 

    New York, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mumbai & Dallasunder famous chefs and companies like Gordon Ramsey Holdings, Zuma, Buddha Bar, Artisanaland more; I

    bring a huge amount of first hand experience; specializing in Contemporary Japanese,

    Eclectic Pan Asian, Modern French & Italian, New Style American, Spanish & Mediterranean, 

    Modern British & Fine Indian cuisines. 


    I believe in achieving success, through out my career I got lots of awards and I think  these awards pushed me to go for more as they are the true acknowledgement of my years of hard work. At the very beginning of my career I got "Best young chef of the year 1998" working in a posh Mumbai restaurant owned by a famous Bollywood star and now in London twice I got the "Best London Restaurant Award", while working as Executive Chef. In 2005 for Vama by Evening Standard and in 2009-10 for L'etranger by Good Food Guide, which I am very proud of. This site I have created to give people an idea about my passion for cooking, achievements and some of my own recipes.